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Last updated 25 April 2000

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Billabong Factor.
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Gi day, mate! Try original bushtucker, the taste of Australia, mate!

Exotic food gift!
When do you need it?

jerky shop bulletThis Friday - to impress your mates when you're having a few beers
jerky shop bulletThis weekend
- tasty, filling, low-fat snack when you're playing golf, driving, fishing, camping, surfing or partying
food gift shop bulletNext Monday - a present for your boss just before you ask for a rise
jerky shop bulletTuesday - to annoy people you don’t like, throw them a pack saying that you picked this up in Australia where you've just spent a weekend - kangaroo jerky
food gift shop bulletWednesday - be strong and irresistible to someone you want to date (take two packs of Emu jerky 1-1.5 hours before asking and one pack during the date). IMPORTANT!: don't share it with your partner, they may become uncontrollable and offer you more than you can handle.
jerky shop bulletThursday - put some adventure in your oldies life. They would never try crocodile, emu or kangaroo if you don't provide the opportunity
food gift shop bulletEvery day - because you deserve something healthy and bloody good to eat when you're having a beer. Don't miss out - exotic jerky, it’s the taste of Australia, mate!

Today on special

mixed jerky special
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5 Try packs
for only $37 

crocodile jerky special
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5 gift packs for only $39 

kangaroo jerky special
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Kangaroo jerky
5 gift packs for only $31

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